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Jointwell Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

was established since 2002 in Malaysia. It specializes in the trading of organic and natural based products, dietary supplements and functional food products. Our products are assured to be free of any chemical additives and most of the organic ingredients are sourced from the environmentally clean state of Montana, USA.

Jointwell Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is a member of JOINTWELL Group which was first established 30 years ago located in Montana, USA, as a small business to market vaccines in pharmaceutical and French bread yeast products for food industry. The rampant development with our range of organic/natural food products, we are expanding around the world. And now, we are here in Malaysia.

Our focus is to introduce superior quality products to meet the needs of healthy life. In light of this, we strongly believe in the importance of diet and nutrition naturally improves overall health and resistance to sickness.


To be a well developed company to increase awareness of healthy eating and help to maintain the optimum nutritional status of the society